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    Enhance your business with ZIEL Hospitality. It monitors sales and marketing of your Hotel

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  • Strengthen your sales team

    Accomplish your sales target with ZIEL.It helps to convert all your potential leads to deals

  • Smart Selling through mobile phone

    Helping sales representatives to access data from anywhere, at any time


Indispensable for Sales Managers

‘ZIEL’ protects the work and optimize your efforts. It minimizes travel, helps in organizing daily sales calls and other acivities. ZIEL is chosen by managers as they want to have an idea of their sales team efforts and pipelines. More quality and accountability are assured through ZIEL from the sales team

Mobile App for Sales team on road

Distances don’t matter when you have ZIEL. ZIEL’s mobile CRM solutions keep sales reps connected irrespective of where they processed over 8 million worth reservation on our systems are.

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ZIEL helps the directors to get up-to-date report on the overall performance of his employees and hotel.

  • ZIEL reduces the administration time and is more cost effective
  • It provides the daily activity report of the sales team
  • Assist you to evaluate the performance of your employees
  • Helps you to understand the current trends in the market and assist you to forecast business
  • Minimizes the operational cost
  • Helps you to maintain strong customer relationships
  • Assist you to connect with all other departments in your hotel

Sales Managers

ZIEL is an inevitable tool for the sales managers to monitor their sales team efforts. It also provides more quality and accountability to the sales team that leads to more productivity.

  • Helps to have an effective B2B management of a hotel
  • Channelize online and offline leads
  • Monitors global sales and marketing, helping the sales managers to device new strategy.
  • Helps to understand the target market
  • Improves the confidence to the sales team
  • Assist sales managers to device productive solution
  • Provides booking information, tracking reservation, revenue milestones and records all sales and reservation related calls.
  • Single system for DSR and entry of enquiries and reservation

Sales Team

ZIEL helps the sales team of hotels to maintain a consistent performance in their sales and marketing.

  • Increases the sales team productivity and ARR of a hotel
  • Helps in opportunity management and productive tracking
  • Avoid time lags in sales
  • Monitor global sales and marketing
  • Helps the sales team to know about the market visibility
  • Minimizes operational cost in sales and reservation
  • It helps the sales team to track, deal progress and milestone
  • It helps the sales team to successfully manage the relationship with your clients
  • It helps to accelerate a complex and multiple selling process which enhances effective selling