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Loved by sales force

Sales force fetches fortunes to the hotel. They follow up the incoming leads and turn it into business. ZIEL augments the sales force of a hotel helping them to bring new business. ZIEL with features like easy mobile and online access optimizes the effort of the sales force of your hotel. It reduces the travel and operational cost, maintain inventory, organize daily sales calls and generate sales report. It helps to build confidence amongst the sales force and increases the representative productivity.

Indispensable for Sales Managers

ZIEL is an inevitable tool for the sales managers to monitor their sales team efforts. It also provides more quality and accountability to the sales team that leads to more productivity.

  • Benefits

    • Helps to have an effective B2B management of a hotel
    • Helps the sales managers in pipeline analysis
    • Optimize the effort of sales and marketing team
    • Promote B2B sales
    • Follow up the important leads
    • Boost leads conversion
    • Channelize online and offline leads
    • Monitors global sales and marketing, helping the sales managers to device new strategy.
    • Helps to understand the target market and competitors
    • It helps to forecast the marketing trends
    • Improves the confidence to the sales team
    • Provides more quality and transparency
    • Assist sales managers to device productive solution
    • Provides booking information, tracking reservation, revenue milestones and records all sales and reservation related calls.
    • Single system for DSR and entry of enquiries and reservation

Trusted by Senior Executives

Executives want fast, untempered and clear answers to their business queries in a single click. Hotel’s success depends on effective B & B management agents/corporate and the optimization of lead flow across sales and marketing departments. ZIEL tracks your corporate/agents inquiries and provide leads to the right people, ensuring, reps get instant access to the latest prospects and that leads are never lost.

  • Benefits

    • It ensures no leads are dropped.
    • It improves responsiveness to prospect inquiries
    • It improves scalability
    • It increase lead conversion rates
    • It optimizes your marketing spend
    • It optimizes lead flow from capture to close
    • It builds lead management processes for varied groups
    • Know your buyers
      • Location
      • Performance (Production, Revenues, room nights, ARR, Cancellations )
    • Integrated system with CRS so NO RE entry of corporate and agent information
    • Single system for DSR and entry of enquiries and reservation
    • Telemarketing and appointment efforts also integrated with DSR

Opportunity Management

Opportunity management of ZIEL is integrated with the reservation system, sales and revenue system maximizes the sales opportunity of your hotel. The sales team will have all the authentic data like the contact details, inventory details, reservation list etc at their figure tip which can be used when an opportunity come across.

  • Benefits

    • Standardize sales processes and methodologies by immediate responsiveness to the sales inquiries and following up the leads
    • Effectively manage multiple reservation enquiries simultaneously
    • Increases sales productivity and ARR
    • Helps the sales team to give discounting price quote to customers without losing the business
    • Convert each leads to deals in a very limited time that enhances sales and revenue
    • Monitor effectively when multiple reservation queries received
    • Helps to analyze the competitors
    • Reduce sales cycle time

Track, deal progress and Milestones

Automatic real time alerts to the clients, real time notifications of critical business events anytime, anywhere and in any form

  • Benefits

    • Effectively track all the enquires without delay
    • Quick responsiveness to customer needs
    • Accelerate sales process
    • No critical issues go unnoticed
    • Increases sales performance and efficiency
    • Give accurate knowledge about the current global market trends in sales and marketing
    • Generate reports with time and date
    • Helps the sales team to have a long term connection with clients
    • Appointments and meetings tracked and honoured effectively
    • Easier for the sales team to plan their Day Reports and DSR

Team Selling

ZIEL allows improving team efforts and maximizes the productivity in a complex selling environment and also helps to coordinate all the people of various departments in a hotel.

  • Benefits

    • Increase team selling productivity
    • Effectively sell into large, complex organization
    • Coordinate efforts across multiple business units
    • Helps in getting a complete picture of every single person involved in managing an account
    • Seamless monitoring of central sales team of a hotel

Account Management

ZIEL helps you to get a complete view of your hotel and facilitate you to understand about every account and enables to connect all departments of your organization. It also helps to foster and maintain customer relation.

  • Benefits

    • 360 degree customer view
    • Provide customer satisfaction.
    • Helps to create a consistent customer understanding
    • Helps to create a personal and cordial customer relation
    • Shorten ramp up time for new representatives
    • Get list of bookers/reservation executives of the company and their history of profit and companies they have served
    • Team members can get live update
    • Helps to get new account opportunity

Activity Management

Activity management in ZIEL helps your hotel to be organized and get a detailed account of each and every current and precedent activities related to employees, customers and procedures.

  • Benefits

    • Alerts and updates of regarding new account activities
    • Prospects mapping
    • Helps in tracking activities, monitoring and storing.
    • Helps to improve coordination and collaboration of various departments of the hotel.
    • Coordinate with inventory management, sales team, marketing team and reservation desk
    • Executive’s Geo based effort monitoring
    • Location tracer of executives
    • Increases productivity
    • Monitoring and storing of activities of employees and keep them informed of all account activities

Contact Management

ZIEL‘s Contact management helps to maintain the integrity and accuracy of contact information across the company

  • Benefits

    • Helps to build a strong and satisfactory customer relationship
    • Avoid repeated contacts of same customers
    • Helps to acquire and retain customers
    • Helps to improve customer service
    • Helps you to understand your customer

Big deal alerts

Big Deal Alert never allows slipping important activities and deals of your hotel and also helps to your executives to get the current status of a deal. It makes publicizing marquee deals as they progress through your pipeline. It alerts the right people in your organization when a deal is closed or in near completion.

  • Benefits

    • Give executives real-time alerts on different deals
    • Ensures your sales representative’s effort are recognized

Sales analytics

ZIEL provides end-to-end solution to the sales managers to enhance the business that increases the productivity of your hotel. It is an easy to use sales tool to help managers analyze their sales pipelines, perform win-loss analysis, stay ahead of competitive trends etc.

  • Benefits

    • Helps to improve the sales performance of the hotel
    • It provides business intelligence that helps to take proactive decisions during the time of tough competition
    • Helps to get faster insight of sales metrics and also accelerate the sales cycle
    • Weekly and monthly activity distribution of sales team
    • Helps to device new sales strategy
    • DSR monitoring
    • Helps to foresee the new market trends
    • Prospect Geo mapping

Mobile applications for sales team on road

ZIEL’s mobile CRM solution enables the sales representative to access the data from anywhere at any time.

  • Benefits

    • Helps to increase productivity and better communication
    • Quick and easy responsiveness to the customer
    • Increase ROI with more frequently using mobile phones
    • Mobile application helps to evaluate the distribution of efforts on a Geo map